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SchedFox is the All-In-One Security Guard Scheduling and Management System.

Robust Mobile App Does it All

Mobile App Features for Security Officers

The customized mobile app with you logo is one of the most advanced features of SchedFox.   With facial recognition, your officers can quickly and easily check in.

Security officers can customize their app to use military time or A.M. and P.M. time.

Security officer can view on each day how many number of hours they worked (weekly basis)View last week schedule.
This week schedule.
Next week schedule when published
Prior week details.
My Shifts
Current shifts
Details of today’s assigned shift by admin.
Upcoming shifts


mobile scheduling app

Receives the job or shift assigned by admin/sub-admin.
Info included:-
Start date and time
End date and time
Shift- day/night
Total hours
Client’s location and GPS for easily finding each post.
Specific Task to be done (For ex- Ground floor 10 am-2pm, Break 2 pm-3pm, Front desk 3pm-4pm, etc)

Check-in and Check-out option in app only at appropriate time.

Alerts sent to officer’s hours before his shift starts

Alerts sent to those guard who are being replaced. (alert might be, wait for your replacement or you do not have a replacement, have a nice day.)

If any officer doesn’t check-in on time then an alert is sent to officers saying “It’s time to go to work”.

Admin also receives an alert.

If any officer gets off, an alert is sent to them saying “It’s time to log off”

Navigate to client location through Google map and get the direction

When the officer clicks on “Check in” the data is recorded and admin can view it on their panel.


Geo- fencing
When an officer is out of zone area and trying to check in, an alert is sent to other dispatch and the officer.

In case of geo-fencing, if a security officers go out of zone area then they receives an alert with message saying they are out of zone area and admin also receives an alert.

At the end of the shift clicks on “Check out”

When an officer checks out, the app stays active & admin can still send notification and alert to officers.

Total number of hours calculated.
Completed job details


Schedsoft payrol
mobile app

Mobile App Features

Fill the start date and time

Either select all day or select start time and end time Reason (Dropdown menu) ???? For ex- Vacation, Sick, Urgent work, etc

Add Notes (Write description) Submit request

View the status of request whether pending or approved.

View schedule (Weekly basis)

They will click that they have approved the schedule for the next week so that our admin will know for sure they have seen their schedules.   If they do not verify, we want to send them a second notice.  If they don’t verify the second notice, then we want to text them.  Last case scenario is we have to call them.

Push Notification
Availability – For officers than want to work extra shifts and get more overtime.
Officers can select day (For ex- Monday)
Availability duration (For ex-First availability Enter start time and end time
Second availability
Enter start time and end time

Voice Activated Spell Check
The officer’s will us voice activated to create their reports.  Spell check will be needed to clean them up and the officer should be able to clean up the report before submitting them. As of now we are thinking not to add this.

More App Features

Draw check request
Benefit request
Profile- Edit and update profile/address/contact number.
Change password

Tell the officer it is time to make more rounds.

That it is time to lock up a gate

That they has stayed in the same spot too long.

Or other messages that are relevant for their account.

Officer should be able to see the Post Orders for the account, read them and then click and confirm that they have read the post orders for that account.

Note:- Weekly reports are mailed to each officers on their mail id.


text and mobile app

Communication Chat Feature
Option for admin as many as chat box he wants.

Admin can able to open chat box as many as he wants for all the security guard officers.   The admin will be able to look at the schedule and click open chat with the officers currently on duty.  The admin should be able to text them by what officer checked in first.  Ideally, I would like to be able to send them a test question on the text.  They will answer the question and it will store the results under then profile.  Over the period of time, the officer will have hundreds of test questions stored in their profile with their answers.  We will send out questions that train the officers as well as liability questions that protect our company.  So I’ll need you to be able to add a test question to specific test that are probably multiple choice.  When I look at the officers profile account page, I will see that he answered all these questions.  This is going to really help us sell to other companies in the future.

All chat conversations with security officers should be stored in our database under the officer’s name.  This will help us in any cases or lawsuits in the future.

Time card (Planned hours and recorded hours)

View open shifts and apply for that shift. Get confirmation for that shifts from admin/sub-admin

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