SchedFox – Guard Scheduling and Payroll

SchedFox is the All-In-One Security Guard Scheduling and Management System.

Customized Administrative Features

Administrator features

Manage Company
Admin can create COMPANY.
Give permission access level to different sub-admin

Manage client
List of client branch-wise
Client will have several location, admin will use post location of scheduling.
Admin can able to see all branches from super admin and create territories.

Clients will have several contacts. Some contacts are for management, others for billing, and other contact information for contracts and more. Leave room for us to have several contacts and types.

Employee Information:
Contact info, Employee ID, Assigned/Banned Site(s), Reports/Reports Mention, Time Sheets, Availability, Notes on Employees.
Helps you to address any tardy issues
Aware of any No Call No Show (NCNS) incidents sooner
Pending Employee Approval
Employee notes
Search employees
Former Employee Records
Work History Report



Attendance Watch – Admin can watch attendance screen to make sure officers are clocked in a timely manner.

Manage chat
Chat between security officers and sub-admin. Stores as a file under the employees account.

Manage Events
Security officers can write their reports daily using the app. Voice activate and spell checker. Adds on part.
Reports are being recorded.

Manage Uniform Returns
Admin can manage uniform returns of each officer.
Import/Export the data in pdf.

Manage Schedule
View all schedules
Drag and drop employees on schedule.
Training shifts billable and non-billable.
Paid overtime shifts
Non-billable shifts
Sort by overtime, training, location, pay rate, flex officers
View open shifts
Manage filling out new shifts
View training shifts
View unconfirmed shifts
View confirmed schedule
Drag and drop shifts
Mass send out schedules
Shift availability employees

Claiming Empty Shifts:
When an admin sends out a request needing an officer to claim an empty shift, the officer can click on YES, and accept the shift. The schedule will update automatically and the admin will be notified.

Ways to confirm schedules:
Call into dispatch

Vacation/Vacation Pay in Lieu-

Manage Employee of the Month

Manage Supporting Injury Documents
Every injury or accident:
Email Notification of Injury
Treatment Authorization Form
Drug Test Verification Form
Incident Report (including Diagram if applicable)
Employee Injury Claim Form
Supervision Accident Investigation Report
TEXAS ONLY: New Employee Acknowledgement of
Worker’s Compensation
Network (with “Injury Notification” selected and injury date provided).
Work Activity Status Reports (Doctor’s Release)
Bona Fide Offer Letters
Vehicle Injury and Accident Information Sheet (if vehicle accident only)
Updated Risk Assessment report (quarterly)


time clocks

Whenever a guard calls of duty or is late or other excuses, the system records those events under his name. So when the shift is being moved or opened up, the scheduler will explain why and then those records will be stored.

Manage standby officer

Manage NewsLetters
Officer can view Newsletters, Officer of the Week Award, and Job position openings from the app. Happy Birthday – auto-notification
Happy Holiday –auto-notification
Anniversary Date –thank you

Manage Analytics
Weekly Hour Totals
Branch report
Hour Breakdown report
Branch Overtime summary report
Client breakdown reports

Daylight saving time
Employees need to be notified in advance that there is an upcoming time change.

Work History
Banned from Post Restriction
Armed / Unarmed Availability

Total Hours
Totals of the daily shifts per accounts
Totals of the weekly shifts
Totals of the week
Current Date at top of Days



Manage Reports
Active Employees count
Total number of active employees
Total number of branches
Active Employees Reports
Certification expiration report
Check in Reports in minutes
Late check-in reports
Sub-admin contact to clients on a weekly, Biweekly or monthly basis depending on settings.
Client Rating Reports
Contract renewal reports
Corporate communicator Table report
Corporate communicator Usage report
Demographics Report
Employee outstanding deduction reports
Employee schedule reports
Employee schedule reports for multiple weeks
Employees by type
Issues with SMS/Emails
Location schedules
New employee low hours
New employee Report
Open shifts report
Overtime reports
Banned Officer, Resignation, Termination, Leave/Vacations.
Phone list report
Recently hired employees
Terminated employee reports
Termination deduction reports
Time off reports
Training reports
Unconfirmed schedule reports
Turnover Reports per company
Turnover reports per account.Other Features

New Officer Alert

Manage reporting workplace injuries

Manage employee transfer

Manage Discrepancy

Manage Time off series

Manage equipment

Manage certification

Manage note types

Manage Client contact types

Manage Rate Codes

Manage Messaging
Messaging sent to various user.



SchedFox - Guard Scheduling and Payroll