SchedFox – Guard Scheduling and Payroll

SchedFox is the All-In-One Security Guard Scheduling and Management System.

The Elite Scheduling Program Designed Specifically for Security Guard Companies.

security scheduling

Customized App for Security Guard Schedules

Customized App for Security Guard Schedules

Customized App for Security Guard Schedules

security guard payroll program

Advanced Technology for Custom Security Company Features

Advanced Technology for Custom Security Company Features

Advanced Technology for Custom Security Company Features

guard schedules

Scheduling for the most Complex Guard Schedules

Scheduling for the most Complex Guard Schedules

Scheduling for the most Complex Guard Schedules

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Scheduling Software Program that Understands Security Guard Companies

The Best All-In-One Security Guard Scheduling Progam

SchedFox Employee Scheduling Program is a customizable security guard scheduling software that enables schedulers to efficiently create schedules, track overtime, manage conflicts, email schedules to employees, text employee for open shifts and report on employee schedules via the Internet App anytime, anywhere. SchedSoft  if fantastic for security guard schedules, hospitals staff schedules, retail stores and company with complex scheduling needs. 

SchedFox  is a lightning fast, high speed employee scheduling program that processes thousands of employees and complex schedules in just seconds. SchedSoft is a sly and crafty scheduling program designed specifically for security guard scheduling needs.

With SchedFox your schedulers will be able to send out weekly schedules in customized apps and emails. Your schedulers can also text employees using your own custom APP or SMS to fill open shifts. The dispatchers simply click the open shift and select employees to be alerted. Notify as many employees as you need to fill your schedule ASAP. No more useless phone calls.

Security officers can view their schedules online from anywhere that has internet access.

Your company will save thousands of dollars by allowing SchedFox to slash your employee overtime. Schedulers are able to view and select qualified employees that are trained, certified, approved and without overtime. The availability chart makes scheduling easy from any online location.

User Friendly, Easy to Learn, Intuitive Security Company Software

SchedFox employee scheduling program is sophisticated enough to allow hundreds of schedulers and dispatchers simultaneously editing and updating employee schedules. Managers can view and edit schedules at the same time, without purchasing expensive networking hardware. With automatic updates, schedulers will have current employee shifts and schedules at their fingertips.

With SchedFox, your clients will be able to view their schedules and officer shifts anytime from any place.  They simply get on any internet connection.

No longer do you need to worry about sending an untrained employee to a location. SchedFox provides your supervisors with up to the minute reports. Whenever an employee is scheduled to work a post for the first time, SchedFox creates a report and an alert screen. This report can then be used by supervisors and managers to ensure that all your employees are qualified and trained for the scheduled position.

The Employee display screen is designed to easily read the hours of operation of even the most complicated locations. The scheduling manager screen displays the total hours in a variety of different fashions. 

Great Scheduling Produces Greater Profits

Security Guard Scheduling

Security guard scheduling is a key area of employee scheduling which is full of complications, conflicts and confusion. This is due to several reasons, all of which have to be taken into consideration for hassle-free and effective scheduling. SchedFox security guard scheduling software averts hitches and simplifies the process of scheduling security service personnel and field supervisors to multiple locations.

 Managing shift timings

Security guards work at different sites in various shift timings. They also work on rotations. Security guard scheduling software helps the scheduling manager check out an officer’s various shift timings and locations before scheduling him a new assignment. Creating work schedules for short, medium and long periods of time is also possible with the software. 

Automatically generated and customized scheduling systems

The software automatically generates security guard scheduling systems for various categories of industries. The software is also useful in creating customized scheduling systems to suit specific requirements. The system has drag-and-drop features that render assigning, scheduling and revising easy.


Manage Your Schedule with a Few Simple Clicks

Avoiding Conflicts

In a manual system of scheduling, clash of timing and location can easily occur. With the help of our software, the managers can preview all work schedules prior to fixing new schedules. Making changes in the schedules and informing the concerned officers is easy with the help of the software.

 Monitoring Assignments

With our security guard scheduling software, it is easy to monitor the time worked for security officers, receive details of their overtime work and follow their time off, leave requests, vacations, etc. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on calculating their work hours, pay and overtime dues. Efficient scheduling and monitoring will also reduce the need for officers to work overtime thus ensuring better quality of service at less expense.

 Timely information and Report

Informing officers about their daily, weekly or monthly schedules is easy with the help of the software. Selection of officers is uncomplicated, as assignments and schedules of officers can be previewed and changed, and the officers can be informed of the changes within no time.


Easy Online Access at Your Fingertips

Online scheduling and management system

The officers as well as the managers who are in charge of assigning work can easily provide and access information online. Timely updates of schedules can be made available online with the help of the software. A lot of time and effort can be saved as officers can get updates of their schedules online at any given point in time. Clients can also login online to view the schedules of their security officers.

The system not only helps in tracking the schedules of the officers, it also helps in tracking the credentials, qualifications, skills and experience of the officers. This helps in scheduling the right officers with the right skills for the required posts, thus minimizing the risks and maximizing the quality of service for every posting.

Finding substitutes

In case of a no-show or a cancellation, it is easy to find a substitute and fill a position with the help of the security guard scheduling software.

Managing costs effectively

By using effective planners, minimizing overtime, avoiding under/over-staffing, sending timely information reports, managing time and locations effectively with the help of security officer scheduling software allows for assignments to be undertaken and completed cost effectively.